Gitxsan Textile Artist Yolonda Skelton

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At the Leo Awards 2019:

AwardModels: Pernella Joslin, Tinity Summer, Alicia Hanton

Host of Vancouver Television: Ashley Davidson

Designer: Yolonda Skelton

VIFW Producer: Joleen Mitton



Earrings on loan and made by:

Valerie Davidson-Ore of Giggy's Beads

These are video clips given to me of the Fashion Show at MOA during VIFW 2017.


My First Photo Shoot at the George Waterway with Model Nikke Goodwill and Photographer Ian Charleson.

Colonialism had and continues to have a devastating impact on indigenous peoples all over the world. My hope is that a step towards de-colonization is possible, by learning about each other's cultures through the medium of Art.

Peoples of the world want to glimpse the true essence of other cultures and to respect the people they are learning about. They want to understand the impact of colonization and do their part to change it, and I would like to do my part and help them.

Please take a walk with me though the gallery and traditional teachings and I will teach you a little about my people through my work.

Thank you,

Yolonda Skelton

Sugiit Lukxs Designs

My lovely fashion designer friend Derrick Packer from VIFW who came to the Kamloops show with his mom to cheer me on. He honoured me with a lovely designers sewing bag, a gift he handmade for me. I am truly blessed to have met this young man who knows exactly what he wants to do. Derrick is an amazing designer, so keep on the look out for his brand in the years to come.

As Derrick would say it Fashion Forever!